By Sherwin Pomerantz, Board Member, AMCHAM Israel
The Israel-America Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM Israel) established in 1965, is a voluntary organization of companies and individuals dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of two-way trade and investment between Israel and the United States of America. The U.S. Ambassador to Israel serves as Honorary Chairman of the AmCham.
The AMCHAM is the exclusive local representative of the world’s largest business federation – the Washington-based U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the umbrella organization of some 3,000 local chambers (more than three million businesses and organizations across the U.S.). AMCHAM Israel is also a member of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (ECACC), linking 31 AMCHAMs throughout Europe and is an associate member of the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) which represents business executives and entities in 24 countries of the Asia-Pacific region.
American corporations regard the AmCham as a vital and dynamic factor instrumental in the fostering and promotion of trade and the logical point of contact for any initiative regarding business with Israel.
Close government networking ensures ongoing contact with U.S. and Israeli authorities on commercial, economic and legal issues to provide insight and react to upcoming legislation.

AMCHAM provides the following services:

  • A fast-track visa process to enter the U.S.
  • Assisting U.S. companies in locating counterparts in Israel, focusing on their specific requirements and business needs.
  • Linking American firms and Israeli business data companies for the purpose of providing market analysis, work plans and performance measurement reports, broken down by regions, sectors, etc. Trade leads provided directly by Israeli and American companies and by other organizations and government entities.
  • Advocacy on behalf of U.S. companies to ensure that they have easy and effective access to the dynamic Israeli markets.
  • Organizing, coordinating, collaborating and participating in a diversity of meetings, trade missions, seminars and conferences to inform members and address issues relevant to their business.
  • Publishing a monthly newsletter, in Hebrew and in English, containing updates on Chamber activities, news and business opportunities.
  • Updated Chamber website available to everyone online.

As such, any US company interested in connecting with an Israel business partner can avail themselves of the services of the AMCHAM simply by contacting the business development manager, Amos Fabian, at or at tel +972.3.695.2341 for more information.

The service is provided at no charge.

Sherwin Pomerantz is president of Atid-EDI Ltd, a Jerusalem-based economic development consulting group with over 30 years’ experience in assisting overseas companies and public entities in their export promotion efforts.


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