Many Israeli companies see substantial opportunities in the US, but lack the resources necessary to open a US operation, or to acquire or form a joint venture with an established US company. The Chicago-based GLOBAL BUSINESS LANDING CENTER (GBLC) is an example of many similar centers that facilitate entry into the US market on a cost-effective basis.

GBLC in housed at Chicago’s Fulton-Carroll Center, which  provides space and business assistance to over 120 small business tenants in its 416,000 square foot facility. The objective of GBLC is to help foreign small-to-medium sized businesses to establish a foothold in the US market within a timeframe of 12-14 months. Initial services are provided by GBLC and its legal and other partners on a per-project fee basis.

Once the GBLC client has established a US entity and hired an employee they will also be eligible for no-cost small business assistance through the Illinois Small-Business Development Center. Assistance elements include

Initial Market – Entry Phase

  • Custom US market feasibility study
  • US business development plan assistance
  • Virtual Office – US address, phone and fax lines

US Launch Phase

  • Legal Services including:
    • Incorporation of US entity
    • US terms and conditions of sale
    • Immigration and employment matters
  • Support in setting up banking, tax, payroll and accounting insurance and other operational matters
  • Physical office options including desk in co-working space or dedicated office

Ongoing support

  • Basic business development assistance such as lead generation, support at trade shows, scheduling local meetings
  • Warehousing and shipping coordination

Flexible Office Space

  • Flexible working space in a vibrant, diverse entrepreneurial environment. Flexible office options depending on the phase of their market entry process, including a desk in a co-working area or a dedicated space

To contact GBLC:
Steve DeBretto
phone: 312-421-3841

To locate similar operations elsewhere in the US, contact: National Business Incubation Association
Tel: 740-421-3941

HOW TO Establish Us Operations

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